TomoShop®, X-ray CT reconstruction software with artifact reduction tools (ring artifact, metal artifact, cupping artifact, etc) 2D/3D viewer, measurement functions & functions for connecting from CT to 3D printing, rapid prototyping etc.

Measurement & Analysis


Measurement & Analysis

2D & 3D Measurement and Analysis

TomoShop® has various functions for measurement and analysis.

  • Measurement of 2D image
    • Distance, angle, inner diameter
  • Measurement of 3D image
    • Inner diameter measurement
    • Surface fitting(planar, cylindrical, spherical)
  • 3D domain analysis (ROI analysis)

3D measurement function

Inner diameter measurement

The inner diameter measurement technique automatically extracts the inner diameter, it can measure to high accuracy of the dimensions as sub-voxel accuracy.


Inner diameter measurement

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Curved surface fitting

TomoShop is able to fit the cylindrical surface and spherical-plane from the reconstructed image. It’s can analyse the scale of samples.


Spherical fitting


Cylindrical surface fitting

ROI Analyze

Simple Volume Calculation

ROI analyze feature will measure the voxels in the ROI (Region of Interest).
The inside of red circle are picked area of interest, and ROI volume calculation is began.


Particle Analyze

Click the Do Analyze button, and the result of Particle Analyze will be shown.



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