TomoShop®, X-ray CT reconstruction software with artifact reduction tools (ring artifact, metal artifact, cupping artifact, etc) 2D/3D viewer, measurement functions & functions for connecting from CT to 3D printing, rapid prototyping etc.

Helix Edition Series


Helix Edition Series (Helical CT image reconstruction)

TomoShop® Helical Edition Series has the feature of responding to the helical CT apparatus. It also has features of focusing, CBCT reconstruction and volume visualization.

It also has the features of image measurement functions and reducing various artifacts features, such as ring, vertical, cupping effect, metal artifact, etc. The data processing for the CT reconstruction and 3D volume visualization is done by GPU(CUDA system), so that it makes the speed of processing data dramatically faster and its duration of time is very short.

Helical Edition Series has the sub-pixel measurement algorithm, so that it can be size measurement of high precision. It also has the features of converting and exporting STL from the various type of CT data, so that it can be used for reverse engineering and 3D printing models.

For helical CT image reconstruction, it has high precision algorithm do the operation with very fast speed. It can do partial reverse projection process and zoom reverse projection process. For reverse projection process, it has helical as circular path as normal functions. It has Omni back projection functions, which is corresponding to non-standard scanning trajectory such as orbit path, polygon path, etc as optional functions.


Y = Included
N = Not Included
OPT = Optional Function (Separately price)
FunctionHelix 1Helix 2
Multi-touch control for Windows 8YY
Ring Artifact ReductionYY
Edge-preserving Image DenoisingYY
Movie Output(H.264/WMV)YY
Isosurface (Stereolithography (STL) 3D data) exportYY
High-definition Isosurface (2K4K)YY
Volume Editing ToolsYY
Volume Visualization
Volume Player (Free Viewer Software)YY
Free DVD viewerYY
Stereoscopic Rendering (3D Imaging Technology)YY
Maximum Value ProjectionYY
Volume RenderingYY
Local Edge RenderingYY
Multi-plane Transformation (MPR)YY
Isosurface (Stereolithography (STL) 3D data) RenderingYY
Panoramic ViewYY
Control of Transfer FunctionYY
Perspective View & Orthogonal ProjectionYY
Cutout (Box, Cylinder)YY
Measurement and Analysis
2D & 3D inner diameter measurementYY
3D fittingYY
3D Particle AnalysisYY
Distance measurementYY
Angle measurementYY
CAD Data SimulationYY
Automatic Defect Detection Tool (Optional Function)OPTOPT
Helical and Cone Beam CT Reconstruction: Circular Path System
Metal Artifact ReductionYY
Image Correction for Defective Pixels (Ring Artifact, Others)YY
Image Correction for Variations in Detector Element Sensitivity (Ring Artifact, Others)YY
Normal ScanNY
Half ScanNY
Offset ScanNY
CT Filter - FDKYY
CT Filter - TFDKNY
CT Filter - CFDKNY
Normal Back ProjectionYY
Omni Back ProjectionYY
Zoom Back ProjectionYY
Partial Back ProjectionYY
Oblique Cone-beam CT Image Reconstruction (Planar CT, PCT)NN
Helical CT Image ReconstructionYY
Multi-GPU High-speed Reconstruction (Optional Function)OPTOPT
Detector / Camera ParameterYY
Scan Orbit ParameterNY
Price (End User, JPY)
JPY = Japanese Yen
Price (OEM, JPY)
JPY = Japanese Yen
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Price for End User = Price for Ordinal User
OEM Price = Price for CT manufacture

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