TomoShop®, X-ray CT reconstruction software with artifact reduction tools (ring artifact, metal artifact, cupping artifact, etc) 2D/3D viewer, measurement functions & functions for connecting from CT to 3D printing, rapid prototyping etc.

3D Imaging Technology

Stereoscopic Rendering Technology (3D Imaging Technology)

Stereoscopic rendering technology (3D imaging technology) is a way to render a stereoscopic vision reconstructed volume. When people see things, the stereoscopic effect can be obtained by binocular parallax of the right and left eye. And binocular disparity, as shown to the left in the figure below, is the deviation of the image caused by the difference in binocular viewing direction or position of the image visible in the right eye and the left eye. You will be able to perceive the depth of this binocular parallax.



Shown to the right in the figure above is an example of one of stereoscopic rendering. In this example, the red part in the picture that appeared in the left eye, the blue area is an image that saw in the right eye. Stereoscopic rendering result of practice, exchange and display the left eye image and right eye image at high speed, was displayed as a color composite image with the left eye image and right eye image in this example.

Rendering stereoscopic view of TomoShop ®, it is implemented using NVIDIA ® 3D Vision ™ technology (more detail) in order to realize the experience 3D PC best-in currently available to the workstation of the audience to experience 3D like infatuated delivered.

The system requirements to obtain a stereoscopic rendering in TomoShop ® software are shown below.
1) System Requirements for TomoShop ®

  • OS: 32-bit / 64-bit Windows Vista / 7
  • Memory: More than 4GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 or higher

2) Capable display for 3D Vision

  • LCD, 120Hz, vertical refresh rate

3) NVIDIA ® 3D Vision ™ Kit (more detail)

  • IR emitter
  • Wireless glass

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