TomoShop®, X-ray CT reconstruction software with artifact reduction tools (ring artifact, metal artifact, cupping artifact, etc) 2D/3D viewer, measurement functions & functions for connecting from CT to 3D printing, rapid prototyping etc.

Q & A

Questions and Answers 

Questions related to technical issues

Q: Do I need to use workstations with high performances for running TomoShop®?

A: No, you don’t. You need ordinal PC with the condition below.

  • GPU (GeForce G80 or later version / Quadro4000 or later version)
  • OS (Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8/10’s x86 or x64)
  • ROM (at least 2Gib)
  • Power source unit (more than 650W is recommended)

TomoShop® does not require any highly costing workstations, so that
checkyou could save your budget.

Q: What file formats can TomoShop® import or export?

For importing, tiff, png, bmp, raw, float_bs, raw,..etc.
For exporting, tiff, DICOM, raw,..etc. IGES and STL will be available for exporting.

Q: Can I run TomoShop® with a PC with a multi-core processor
(XEON, 4core × 2CPU) ?

A: TomoShop® is run with only GPU, so it does not matter that your PC use any sort of CPU.

Q: Do the reducing artifact functions run through auto process or manual process?

A: Basically, the reducing artifact fanctions with TomoShop® are run through auto process, so that it correspond to many type of hardware.

Q: Dose TomoShop® support the step scan to shoot by dividing in vertical direction of the large sample?

A: TomoShop® can bind several volume data reconstructed separately.

Q: I want to use TomoShop® in the hospital, can I output DICOM format data from TomoShop®?

A: TomoShop® can output the data in DICOM format, and TomoShop® can be expected to use in the active cases of medical field.

Q: I want to create 3D models from DICOM CT Data by 3D Printer, can TomoShop® help me?

A: TomoShop® can output the data in STL format from DICOM, so TomoShop® can help to create 3D model by 3D printer.

☞ See detail page

However, our 3D solution software, TomoShop Viewer® could help STL conversion process, it does not have image reconstruction functions. If you are looking for the 3D solution soft without image reconstruction part and lower price, we recommend TomoShop® viewer for this case.

☞ See detail page

Q: How many images(1024 x 1024) can TomoShop® open at once

A: Basically there is no limitation of NO of opening image when your OS is 64bit. However, it is depend on the capacity of memory and type of GPU. For example, if you use Quadro4000, TomoShop® can open about 1000 images at once.

Questions related to service issues

Q: How much is maintenance costs such as upgrading version, etc?

A: Basically, upgrading version is free within one year.

Please feel free to inquire.

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