TomoShop®, X-ray CT reconstruction software with artifact reduction tools (ring artifact, metal artifact, cupping artifact, etc) 2D/3D viewer, measurement functions & functions for connecting from CT to 3D printing, rapid prototyping etc.

TomoShop® (CT reconstruction software)

TomoShop® (CT reconstruction software)

TomoShop® is a CT software with high competitive features of:

  • CT reconstruction function + Focusing correction function + Artifact reduction function
  • Volume Visualization
  • Measurement & analysis

It is the CT software with the high competitive features of fast data processing, achieving high quality images, easy operations and economical prices.








Achieving high speed data processing

Typical problem of using apparatuses of cone beam CT with X-ray or gamma-ray inspection system is the time duration of image reconstruction that is quite taking long time for processing huge 3D data.

The recent trend of X-ray CT inspection system has been moving to micro level to Nano level. The duration of processing time of image reconstruction, volume visualization and other functions have expanded due to the enlargement for the size of 3D tomographic image, which has increased from hundreds or megabytes to gigabytes.

Then, TomoShop® could reduce those long processing time by using GPU (GeForce, Quadro, etc) with CUDA technologies.

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Achieving vivid and accurate image processing

There are issues in the conventional method in that causing artifacts and reconstructed that the effect of such error correction and noise problem can occur when shooting is processed and those effect make difficult conditions for conveying accurate information.

TomoShop® could reduce noise on the captured image.

TomoShop® could reduce artifact of reconstructed image and obtain high-quality reconstructed image.

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Corresponding to various movements of various CT equipment

Conventional method could apply only standard circular cone-beam CT system.

However, TomoShop® can be corresponding to various movements of various CT equipment that circular orbit, equilateral orbit and orbital polygonal.

TomoShop® also supports focusing that can automatically extract some geometric errors that occur hardware reconfiguration features.

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Measurement and analysis function

TomoShop® has excellent 3D measurement function that can be replaced to only analyzing 3D image software.

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3D viewer

TomoShop® has three-dimensional viewer that enable users for easy to see and analyze objects.

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Required environment for using TomoShop®

TomoShop® can be generated under the following condition of PC.

  • GPU:
    • NVIDIA’s GPU and with CUDA capability. Ex. GeForce, Quadro, Tesla
    • Compute Capability should be 3.0 or higher.
    • Latest driver should be installed.
      Checking an apropriate GPU at the site below:
  • OS: Windows XP sp2 (x64) / Vista(x64) / 7(x64 or x86) / 8(x64 or x86)/10(x64 or x86)
  • Memory: 2GB (minimum condition)
  • Power Unit (Recomended): 650W or higher

TomoShop® can operate on Tablet PC with Windows OS (Windows 8). Thus user can operate software with their hands easily and anywhere. (Some functions may not use with touch operation.)

Import and Export


  • 2D
    • TIFF, PNG, BMP, RAW, float_b, etc, DICOM
  • 3D
    • Volume File (Vol), DICOM


  • Volume File (Vol), Stereolithography(STL), DICOM, IGES, WRL

Series of TomoShop®

Circular Path System (CBCT)

Helical CT

Horizontal Translations (Straight Line) Track System

Dental CT

Areas where TomoShop® should be used

CT scans are used in situations where you can view an image from the outside as it is in the form of, or to check without breaking the outline of an internal thing. Its applications are used in a very wide fields. TomoShop® can be used in any fields where CT scans are used.

  • Non-destructive testing industry
  • Technology research institutes and facilities
  • Manufacturing and factory
  • Manufacturing of X-ray inspection equipment, Non-destructive inspection equipment
  • Medical institutions and facilities
  • Dentist, veterinarian
  • Archeology
  • Geoscience
  • Construction and civil engineering



Why TomoShop®?

The problem and solution of widely popularizing CT systems

Since its launching in 1972, CT (Computed Topography) inspection system has become one of the most popular inspection method. X-ray CT scan has been used for various fields such as medical, industrial and more.

Recent years, CT inspection technology have developed significant levels in terms of accuracy, speed processing, etc. However, there are still many potential users could not obtain CT systems because of high price for purchasing and high maintenance costs.

For example, the cost of software would be about 1/3 of total price of CT systems. Many soft have performed under highly costing workstations. Thus, many potential customers give up for purchasing CT systems. Moreover, the manufactures who develop CT system are also having hard time to set competitive price for its CT systems.

However, in contrast of spending large amount of budgets for CT system, the users have difficult time to get their satisfaction because of the qualities of reconstructions, noise reduction, speed of processing time and so on.

These issues could be major barriers for spreading CT scan systems to many users widely. Therefore, we introduce our CT software (CT reconstruction, volume visualization, etc), TomoShop®

Competitive CT software for many users

TomoShop® is developed by Dr. Haiquan Yang (Yo Kaiken), whose dream is spreading CT to more number of facilities and more number of people are able to use it. He thinks that in order to make his dream come true, the price and cost of CT should be more economical.

We think that X-ray CT is for many users. So we supply a high valued X-ray CT software with economical price.

Faster processing! Precise! Convenient! Economical! Benefit!

For End-user:
check Save initial cost and maintenance cost.
check Be able to obtain high quality result with more economical, more accurate, faster and convenience.

For Manufactures:
check Make manufacturing and adjusting CT equipment easier and getting better geometric accuracy.
check Contribute to decrease the cost of developing and manufacturing CT equipment as well as expecting to the success of markets related to x-ray CT equipment.


Please feel free to inquire.

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