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Automatic Defect Detection Tool

 Automatic Defect Detection Tool

Defect detection is a very important step in automatic inspection line and industrial non-destructive testing equipment.

TomoShop ® is responsible for defect detection in high speed using the GPU for 3D data that is reconstructed.

Further, it is possible region of interest selected for (ROI), is set as a parameter defect detection condition several and can support various cases.

※This tool is optional.

Result of defect detection on 3D data


Displaying the detail information of the defects.


Visualizing, labeling and listing the defects.

  • Detailed information on defects is displayed.
  • Display defects with colored
  • Individual defects are labeled and displayed as a list.

Result of defect detection with parts separated


Defect detection function using 3D data specified detection range

In the ordinary industrial non-destructive inspection, the entire range of parts is not inspected but partial regions are specified and inspected. For example, we check the presence of nests or foreign substance in partial areas related to product quality.

TomoShop uses the reference element (Plane, curved surface, point, etc.) of the part to align the CT data and the 3D data. Then, by using range information specified by 3D data, it is possible to detect defects in only the specified partial area on the produce.



Y = Included
N = Not Included

FunctionDefect Detection (I)Defect Detection (II)
Nest (Void) DetectionYY
Foreign Matter DetectionYY
Part SeparationYY
Characteristics of Defect and Parts YY
Use of CAD data (3D data)
Defect Detection within Specified RangeNY
Simple AlignmentNY
Align with Reference ElementNY
Price (End User, JPY)
JPY = Japanese Yen

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