TomoShop®, X-ray CT reconstruction software with artifact reduction tools (ring artifact, metal artifact, cupping artifact, etc) 2D/3D viewer, measurement functions & functions for connecting from CT to 3D printing, rapid prototyping etc.



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The problems with X-ray CT reconstruction

There are various problems with achieving the adequate image results using CT system to scan for NDI. The problems are artifacts problems, focusing problems, and others as well as the time duration of CT reconstruction time. Our high quality CT reconstruction software: TomoShop® has been developed for solving  those problems with using CT in the various fields.

To begin with, let us show you those problems. Please check the page below.

The right image shows the example of ring artifact. Ring artifact is a common artifact in CT result. Particularly, when the low power X-ray is used to CT scan, its shown on the result significantly.


Ring artifact

Metal artifacts_before1

Metal artifact with Jaw bone

The left image is the example of metal artifact. Metal artifact is very common artifact when the metals are contained in the samples to be taken CT scan.

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TomoShop® video

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-2016/03/15 CT and 3D printing seiner will be held at System Create Co., LTD(Osaka Japan) TomoShop Viewer(Pro) will be discussed and displayed.
-2016/02/04~05 We conduct the seminar in The 10th symposium of JSNDI “NDT by Radiation”.
-2015/02/16 Medical Messe in Nagoya

-2014/06/03-04 Phase-contrast X-ray Imaging(PCI) Study Seminar by Dr. Hiquan Young (Developer of CT software TomoShop)
-2014/02/25-28 We will exibit TomoShop® at ”ICT Conference 2014 (Austria)”, Please come to see us! ☞
-2014/02/06 JSNDI ☞
-2014/01/15 INTERNEPCON Japan ☞
-2013/10/30 New Technology in Manufacturing 2013 ☞
-2013/06/03 JSNDI ☞
-2013/02/22 Presentation at JSNDI ☞
-2012/12/14 Conference of JSPE Expert Committee for Convergence Engineering (Tokyo University) ☞
-2012/11/9-11 The Japan dental Show 2012 ☞
-17 Sept 2012: A home page of TomoShop® a new innovative 3D X-ray CT software is out!


New Features of Automatic Detection Tool

By using the range specified by 3D data, defect detection is conducted only in the partial area where is specified.

Strengthen ring artifact reduction function

Reduction of the stronger ring artifacts, the ring artifact that is not the center of the image…

Ultra-fast reconstruction function with multi-GPU is introduced!

Ultra-fast reconstruction function with multi-FPU is available now.

Multi-detector row CT scan function

Multi-detectior row CT scan functions are available now.

Helix Edition Series

New CT reconstruction software for helical CT is released

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