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Are you having difficulty to make a decision of what you want to eat tonight?

Are you having dificulty to make a decision of what you need to cook for next party?

This page shows you delicious, unique, and easy to prepare recipies of Japanese cuisines.

You will enjoy it not only spacial ocasions but also ordinal meal time with plenty of pleasure.

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18/10/2010 Dashimaki Tamago (Egg)
25/09/2010 Gyu-niku To Asupara No Kushi-yaki (Beef)
24/09/2010 Age-saba No Oroshi-ni(Fish)
20/09/2010 Yakisoba(Other Meal) was added.
19/09/2010 Daigakuimo(Other Meal), Daikon To Buta-niku No Sat-to Ni(Pork) were added.
18/09/2010 Tamanegi No Koto Koto Ni (Simmerd Onion) was added.
17/09/2010 Chawanmushi was added.
15/09/2010 Saba No Tatsuta Age (Fish) was added.
13/09/2010 Tako To Negi No Golden Tamari Ae (Other seafood) was added.
11/09/2010 Gratan (Gratin) (Chicken) was added.
18/08/2010 Tamago Tofu(Egg) was added.
16/08/2010 This site started. Kinpira Gobo(vegitable)was added.

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Daigakuimo Kinpira Gobo Tako To Negi No Golden Tamari Sauce Ae

Recipes Index

Let's check the recipes by cricking Category or Season.


Meat, Vegitable, Seafood, Egg and Other Dish


you would know which meal is suitable for particuler season.


A lot of the resipies in this site use Golden Tamari Sauce (The origine of White Soy Sauce) and its families.

Golden Tamari Sauce is not as populer as ordinal Soy Sauce (Kikkoman) from Japanese Soy Sauce.

"Therefore, you could discover the new sensational taste of Japanese cuisins !"

If you are interested in to get more information about Golden Tamari Sauce, please visit iKDEDA Shop online page. Click Here !
( http://www.eng.ikeda-shoponline.com )

You may use white soy sauce if you can not get Golden Tamari Sauce. However, the taste of meal will change from the original.

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