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We offer Delicious and Exciting, natural and safe to eat Japanese foods with care from Japan to your home.

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Gassan Marudaizu Soy Sauce360ml

Gassan Marudaizu Soy Sauce (Maruta)

Golden Tamari Sauce 300ml (Nitto)

Golden Tamari Sauce (Nitto)


Gassan Yamabuki Miso Natural (Maruta) 750g

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Tamago Tofu


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It can be cooked by Golden Tamari Sauce

Golden Tamari Sauce

Plesure of Gold
If you love to eat typical Japanese food but tired of the taste of ordinal Soy Sauce, if you really concern about getting flavour enhancer from the meal but you still want to eat tasty meal, then Golden Tamari Sauce could be the choice or your desire.

So what special about Golden Tamari Sauce?

Let's discover Pleasure of Gold!

Go to What is Golden Tamari Sauce? page.

Golden Tamari Sauce
Golden Tamari Sauce

Golden Tamari Sauce + Dashi
Golden Tamari Sauce + Dashi

Home of Golden Tamari Sauce

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